Priddy Ugly Reacts To Fans Reviewing His Album Within Minutes Of Release

Priddy Ugly Reacts To Fans Reviewing His Album Within Minutes Of Release. Priddy Ugly’s album is finally here and his fans are going wild as they listen and appreciate the rapper’s latest body of work. Within minutes of the album’s release on platforms, fans took to social media to share how fire the album is and even had the rapper taken back by the reviews of his album.

On the morning of the album’s release, Priddy shared on Twitter that his album has not been out for 10 minutes and he has already seen people post about how fire it is. Whilst, the rapper is grateful for the reviews, he does want his fans to give the album a few listed before giving reviews.

“The album wasn’t even out for 10mins before I saw people post about how fire it is.. But let’s give it a few listens before giving reviews,” tweeted Priddy. Fans are clearly very excited about Priddy Ugly’s album as the whole of Wednesday morning he has been trending with fans sharing just how great they think the album is.

For the album, Priddy features Zulu Mecca, H-D, Maglera Doe Boy and the hottest new kid Blxckie. Fans through their reviews have already chosen which track is their favourite and have already started quoting Priddy’s bars. Those who have already heard the album, seem to be all in agreeance that hip hop in South Ah is not dead. Before he dropped his album, Priddy tweeted “rap album of the year loading” and many fans can agree that he delivered an album that could qualify to take the prestigious title.

Soil is the rapper’s sophomore album and consists of 10 tracks and there has been a huge build-up to its release. The rapper even gave fans a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the project in a short documentary called “SOIL DIARIES. The documentary saw Priddy Ugly, Wichi1080, Zoocci Coke Dope, Fred Mecury and Zulu Mecca talk about the making of the album and how they got to the final product, which fans are hearing.

Not only has Priddy dropped the album, but he has also dropped the visuals for the track Handful of Dust. The rapper is clearly making sure that his fans are well-fed when it comes to his music. Priddy Ugly with his album has definitely made sure that no one will doubt his rap skills as each track shows off his pen skills and just how good his flow is.

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