Reason Responds To Cassper’s ‘It’s All Admiration’ Jab On Twitter

Reason Responds To Cassper’s ‘It’s All Admiration’ Jab On Twitter. Rappers jumping on to the Amapiano wave has caused quite a stir on social media and it seems the same rappers switching genres are bringing their beefs along into the Amapiano space if Cassper and Reason’s exchange on twitter is anything to go by.

They say no publicity is bad publicity and it seems to be the case with Reason who is dropping his first Amapiano track this Friday whilst Cassper is promoting his new sneaker, R990. It all started after a tweep questioned whether Reason was going to receive the same criticism Cassper did when he first hopped onto the Amapiano wave. In response, Cassper said it wasn’t going to happen that way because it was about Cassper hate although the same rappers are now following his move. “Like dawg … This should show you that it’s all admiration at the end of the day. Haters are actally your biggest fans, they just wish it wasn’t you,” Cassper tweeted.

Cassper’s tweets reached Reason’s timeline and he had all the time to respond. Reason indirectly clapped back at Cassper’s claim that Reason’s hate on his Amapiano move came from “admiration”. The Khanda Shisa rapper made it clear who his Amapiano inspirations are. “For the record. Focalistic and Lady Du paved the way for me to amapiano! ANYONE ELSE [cap],” Reason tweeted. When one of his followers reminded Reason that Cassper had paved way for Focalistic and Lady Du, he responded saying, “Then he must tweet them. NOT me.”

Reason rounded off his rant targeted at Cassper tweeting, “What utter nonsense is this Face with tears of joy Please man! This thing of saying things about people to get reactions from them is so 2015.. Just make music or go fight Prince Kaybee and leave me alone man! #KhandaShisaBrainFire drops Friday.”

Back in March Reason changed his tune on rappers jumping on to trendy grenres when he tweeted, “What’s wrong with hip hop artists making Piano though? It’s our sound. Why glorify the idea of us pushing an American sound when we can jump on our own too? We still love hip hop. But the country loves piano (more).” It could be around the same time he went into studio with DJ Maphorisa. Now we wait for Friday.

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