Scoop Reveals The 2 SA Rappers He Doesn’t Listen To

Scoop Reveals The 2 SA Rappers He Doesn’t Listen To! Hip Hop commentator Scoop Makhathini has never been the one to mince his words on how he feels about SA rappers, or anything concerning the state of SA Hip Hip. In the past couple of months we’ve seen get in hot water for his comments on AKA and Cassper.

Now Scoop has shared his feelings over two of the most talked about SA rappers right now revealing he does not listen to their music. In the latest episode of POPCast which he co-hosts, Scoop addressed the misunderstanding that he doesn’t know who Big Xhosa is. “[DJ] Dimples said I said I didn’t know who Big Xhosa is…. I never said I didn’t know him,” Scoop clarified.

“…I mean, I’ve heard about him but I do not listen to him,” Scoop added. Asked by co-host Ms Cosmo if he knew iFani or listened to him, Scoop who seemed shocked to learn the two rappers had listened a song together responded saying, “I know iFani…I do not listen to iFani.”

Could we expect another collaboration between iFani and Big Xhosa dissing Scoop soon?

One rapper Scoop is however currently pleased with is A-Reece for giving the fans content outside of music. Scoop applauded A-Reece for stepping outside of his comfort zone to produce content fans enjoy. “I haven’t checked it out but I looked at it and I was like, ‘that’s a good move, you know’,” Scoop said on A-Reece’s recently released content.

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