“You’re A F*cking Disappointment, ” Nota Explains Why He Publicized Lawsuit From AKA

“You’re A F*cking Disappointment, ” Nota Explains Why He Publicized Lawsuit From AKA. Nota and AKA have had an love and hate relationship over the years but recently it seems things have been more tense and not so much positive or fun as we’ve witnessed before. Nota recently sat down to speak about some of his relationships with SA and of course AKA came up.

To explain where things stand between them, Nota took it back to when AKA once tweeted asking “what the f*ck was Party Karate?” claiming the SupaMega was taking a shot at him. He explained that he had a song with Yanga Chief called Party Karate that had brief airplay on radio years ago when they used to be known as Bloody Agents. Nota made it known that he did not send a cease and desist letter to AKA as the rapper did when Nota made comments on Anele Tembe’s death.

Nota went on to say that he doesn’t hold anything against AKA and that there are never permanent enemies. “He [AKA] feels like he’s being punished and should he be punished? Yes, he should. He broke through a f*cking door like a madman, like deranged madman. For me it’s like, after I’ve supported you so much… after I’ve invested so much in supporting you, I’m a fan. You can’t let Cassper win like this, not like this bro. We’ve invested so much and now you self destruct? You’re a f*cking disappointment, I’m sorry and I’m disappointed in you,” Nota said.

Nota explained how he knows that expressing his disappointment in AKA publicly will have people talking the same way when AKA says something that makes headlines. “You must take it like a man and we’re not enemies,” Nota said on AKA sending him a lawsuit privately and revealed why he chose to make it public. “He didn’t send the lawsuit publicly, I made it public”.

Asked why, Nota said, “why not? Why not show you what I’m capable of? If you’re able to show me what you’re capable of, I’ll show you what I’m capable of. At the end of the day it’s going to be a balance. People are going to decide and I’m not in control of what they decide and you need to be held accountable for your actions. Sometimes you need to accept the consequences of things that you’ve taken part in and things that you’ve done. I felt like he hadn’t.”

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