Nota Responds To AKA’s Letter From Mabuza Attorneys

Nota Responds To AKA’s Letter From Mabuza Attorneys. Nota Baloyi’s has recently been landing in some hot water receiving letters from both Athi Geleba and AKA after writing some tweets they weren’t too happy about. He has responded to both letters and is making it known that he is fearless.

Nota: "Slikour Told Me That Nasty C's Manager Was Taking Credit For My Work"

It was recently reported that AKA served Nota with a letter from his lawyers at Mabuza Attorneys that stated that Nota used his Twitter account to defame AKA’s character. Mabuza Attorneys detailed in the letter that Nota’s tweet created the innuendo that AKA uses drugs, and that he bullied and abuse Anele Tembe before her passing. Nota was also instructed to post a retraction of the tweet on his Twitter account.

Nota responded to the lawyer letter in an Instagram live saying that he is not afraid of any lawyer letters that come his way. He also speaks about having a moral dilemma towards AKA.

You guys should all know how much I love and care for Kiernan, AKA. Everybody’s always like no Nota you’re always on Kiernan’s side he did this, he did this. I support him, I’ve supported him for a long time. Me supporting him does not mean that I don’t want what’s best for him. I want him to prosper in life. I don’t agree with some of the ways he’s been going about things. I don’t. I don’t agree with it, and it’s in the public right now.

You can’t silence me with lawyers letters and stuff like that. You cannot! You cannot silence me with lawyers letters. You cannot stop me from commenting. Like what is that? Just let it go because you are living a public life now. You signed up for this. So now that you’ve signed up for it you need to live with it. Don’t be sending lawyers letters, cease and desist, whatever retraction whatever No! Not with me bro! I’m not scared of lawyers letters!

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