AKA Serves Nota With Letters From His Lawyers For Defamatory Tweets Against Him

AKA Serves Nota With Letters From His Lawyers For Defamatory Tweets Against Him. Nota recently received a letter from Mabuza Attorneys who represented the Presidency’s Head of Digital Athi Geleba where she accused him for tweets that defamed her character. It looks like Nota is received a letter from the same law firm for AKA where they are accusing Nota for defaming his character.

It was recently reported that Mabuza Attorneys also represented AKA and served Nota a lawyer latter for defamatory tweets against him after his fiancée Anele Tembe passed away. The tweet that Mabuza Attorneys are contesting reads:

The man needs fixing because he’s in denial about a lot of things but I would’ve preferred him to own his bullying of his wife, his substance abuse and his rushing into a relationship soon after his previous break-up. I’m praying for him to find God and rely only on him!

In the letter sent to Nota, Mabuza Attorneys explain that the tweet created innuendos that AKA uses drugs, bullied and abused Anele, and is irrational causing him to make irrational and rushed decisions. They mention that Nota was opportunistic stirred controversy with his tweets.

The letter continues saying:”The aim and purpose of these statements and allegations is to slander, humiliate, defame and tarnish the good name and reputation of our client. You were opportunistic and displayed true parasitic behavior by stirring controversy and using our client’s personal tragedy against him for your own selfish and personal gains.

Furthermore they mention that the effect of Nota’s tweets are irreversible and the defamatory allegations against him are severe.

Mabuza Attorneys lastly says that they have been instructed to proceed with legal proceedings for a civil claim against Nota worth R500 000. Nota was also instructed to issue a retraction on his Twitter page on the 27th of May 2021 by 4pm.

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