Cassper Clapsback At Tweep Who Said Hip Hop Artists Should Stay In Their Own Genre

Cassper Clapsback At Tweep Who Said Hip Hop Artists Should Stay In Their Own Genre. Cassper Nyovest was not here for a tweep coming for him and saying that South Ah hip hop artists should leave the amapiano genre alone and rather stick to their own genre. The tweep clearly is not happy that rappers are crossing over to the amapiano genre that is currently dominating in the country.

Cassper was quick to put the tweep in their place and also reminded the tweep when it comes to music is for everybody and anyone can make music for a specific genre. A tweet by the award-winning rapper, saying he is going out of the country for a short little tour with stops in Ghana, the United Kingdom, and then Dubai, sparked the reaction from the tweep.

In his tweet, Cassper wrote “I’m in Ghana for the next 10 Days then we out in The UK for 2 shows then we do Dubai. The boy is on a short lil tour. PIANO TO THE WORLD!!! With a touch of rap ofcos!!! Who am I seeing at the shows ? Might give you a pair of 990s also. #RF990”

The tweep then responded to Cassper tweet and asked Cassper if he has forgotten that he is a rapper. “Can amapiano be taken by original artists who created it to the world, have u forgotten u a raoper. Ai shame ukhona. You’ll never see a piano guy tryna shine y’all hip hop artists in your own genre,” read the tweet.

Mufasa clapped back at the tweep and reminded him that “Music is for everyone brother. Anybody can make hip hop if they want to. Paint your picture! It’s your canvas.” The tweep who is willing to even be killed for views went on to say Cassper is riding the wave, to which the rapper sees no problem with as he would “rather ride a wave than a dick”.

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