Da L.E.S Shares How He Felt About DJ Speedsta And Cassper’s Twar

Da L.E.S Shares How He Felt About DJ Speedsta And Cassper’s Twar. Rapper Da L.E.S has revealled how he felt about his “little brother” DJ Speedsta and Cassper Nyovest’s recent Twitter twar. Da L.E.S shared his views on the second episode of his POSTED with Da L.E.S and friends show on YouTube, where Cassper was a guest.

Cassper was speaking about him going, head to head in the boxing ring with indivuduals such as Prince Kaybee and DJ Speedsta, who he has experienced issues with on social media. Cassper has told the respective individuals to meet him in the ring and that as not yet happen. Da L.E.S highligted that Cassper’s recent twar with DJ Speedsta caught him off guard. “but that one caught me off guard, for real. cause you guys got records together and that’s like my little bro,” shared Da L.E.S.

Cassper told Da L.E.S that Speedsta should beat him up in is green A3, as he didnt have a car back then referring to a moment in the past between him and DJ Speedsta. “For me it was so disappointing because I’m like dawg, we come so far. He started with shitting on my shoes, then I mized him and then now, it’s like I’m weak and thought it’s because I took The Braai Show.”

Da L.E.S then asked Cassper if is he going to fight every person that as an opinon against him. Cassper shared that he hates Twar and diss tracks are not going to work. “I can’t be like rapping against n***gas who don’t even have like a property to their names. Like it’s just useless, so if you have something to say about me, here’s the one thing where it’s man to man you know we are equal. I’ve never fought anyone they never fought anyone in the ring. So let’s just go in the ring and moer each other,” shared the rapper.

DJ Speedsta took to Twitter to share his thougts about Cassper and called him “weak” and said the rapper has no soul. “I’m sorry I need to let something off my chest. Take it as you want. Tag him if you want. Let him know Lesego thinks zero of him and Lesogo know him long time. You’re weak Refiloe!!!” tweeted Speedsta.

Cassper responded to the DJ’s remarks and said, “This is so disappointing for me cause you used to pick me up in you A3 when I had nothing. Today I have made something of myself & you turned sour cause I outshined those you thought deserved it more than me. I keep saying, if you have something to say to me meet in the ring.”

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