Khuli Chana Reveals The Rapper Who Saved Him From Quitting Music

Khuli Chana Reveals The Rapper Who Saved Him From Quitting Music. Artists often go through phases where they find themselves wanting to throw in the towel. The reason for this is different for each artsit and it can be anything, from feeling uninspired or just wanting to take a break from the music industry. Award-winning rapper Khuli Chana has revealed that he once came close to quitting the music game but the words of a young rapper to him, made him make him realise that he shouldn’t hang up his mic.

Khuli took to Twitter and shared rapper Maglera Doe Boy’s Hype Magazine cover and revealed the influence the young rapper has had on him. Khuli shared that back in 2016, Maglera said to him “the come up never stops” which were much needed to hear words for the Mostwako rapper, as he desperately wanted to give up the music business. ” “The come up never stops” That’s what @MagleraDoeBoy said to me back in 2016 when I desperately wanted to give up the music business!” tweeted the rapper.

The Motswako rapper went on to credit Maglera for saving him for making the life-changing decision. “You saved me Papito!” tweeted Khuli. The rapper in his tweet congratulated Maglera on the magazine cover and dropped a gem of encouragement for the rapper. “Congratulations on your @HypeMagazineSA CoverRaising hands. The pinnacle don’t exist Lil bro,so keep GOING!!!!” he added.

The Tswa Daar hitmaker in a previous interview with The Citizen shared some of the struggles he has faced especially with his fans wanting the “old Khuli”. Khuli explained that listening to his old music blew him away, especially since he found himself detached from his old music. “I did detach from my old music, I listened to my first album for the first time in years. Listening to it blew my mind,” he explained.

He told the publication when he was younger he made different music that reflected his experiences and recording his new music has made him feel like the old Khuli. “I have to be honest, at the moment when we were recording the song, I felt like the old Khuli. I wasn’t overthinking it, I wasn’t even thinking about the business, it was just pure fun,” he shared. Khuli thankfully has not quit the music business and is still a player in the game. He hasn’t dropped any hip hop heat in a minute, as he is currently having with amapiano music.

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