Nadia Nakai Reveals How Riky Rick Once Let Her Down

Nadia Nakai Reveals How Riky Rick Once Let Her Down. Celebrities often ask each other for favour especially when it comes to their various projects, however, not all favours are granted and sometimes even when they are granted, sometimes people do disappoint. Rapper Nadia Nakai was the latest guest on Lasizwe’s popular YouTube show, Drink Or Tell The Truth and during the episode, she spilt some tea on Riky Rick.

Nadia asked Lasizwe, the question, “Which celebrity friend of yours have you asked for a favour and disappointed?” After Lasizwe gave his response, Nadia without any hesitation revealed who has once disappointed her. “I can tell you who let me down,” Nadia told Lasizwe. Nadia went on to say “Riky Rick, Boss Zonke let me down.”

“He let me down when we were shooting the naked video. He was supposed to come and shoot. He literally cancelled when he was supposed to arrive. Client on set, I had my face done, everything,” Nadia shared. A visibly shocked Lasizwe then asked Nadia, “so you’re just sitting there?” Nadia then explained to Lasizwe, that she had to then break the news to everyone who was on set. “I had to pack and say, oh sorry guys he’s not coming.” Nadia after being asked if Riky called after cancelling on her, said that he didn’t call her but he probably called Phindy.

Nadia and Riky have previously worked together on the highly successful track called Amantombazane and she also worked with him on the track, Ragga Ragga by Gemini Major. Nadia has previously shared on social media that the rapper gave her first major break in 2013 and thanked Riky publicly. “This man gave me a major break back in 2013. If I didn’t say Thank you… THANK YOU” Nadia shared on Instagram. Since then the two have been able to form quite a relationship.

Riky may currently be beefing with Nadia’s bro Cassper but Nadia does not let that get in the way of her working with the rapper. She has previously expressed that Cassper supports her decision to work with rapper’s he is beefing with. During an interview on SlikourOnLife, Nadia said this about Cassper. “He knows the kind of support I have for him and he’s not trying to make me inherit his beefs to isolate me, because I know he had been isolated and he had to get back to the situations. He doesn’t want that. He had a beef which is obvious, he advises me to never get involved because it’s not gonna be good for your spirit, two it’s gonna block your glances, three it’s not the energy you need to push.”

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