#PodcastWithMacG’s Ghostlady Reveals JR Used To Be Her Side

#PodcastWithMacG’s Ghostlady Reveals JR Used To Be Her Side. Some interesting tea was spilt on an episode of Podcast and chill with MacG. Sol Phenduka, MacG and Ghostlady are known to have very interesting conversations on their popular podcast, with no topic being off-limit. In this particular episode, an old moment from the past between one of the podcasters was bought up, proving there is such a thing as kiss and tell.

A revelation was made by MacG about Ghostlady and her interaction with a certain rapper by the name of JR. MacG shared that Ghostlady had kissed JR, the kiss happened when they were in high school. Whilst it is old news, the news is certainly new to chillers.

MacG, Sol and Ghostlady were discussing when did they realise a partner was not the one for them. When MacG directed the question at Ghostlady, he dropped the bomb about JR. MacG asked Ghostlady when did she realize that JR was not the one for her. Sol and Ghostlady both started laughing and Ghostlady even said “hayi, hayi” in shock over the fact that MacG just spilt the beans.

Sol then said to MacG, “wow! You went there okay, give a bit of context” and whilst Ghostlady did not want to move forward with the conversation as she could be heard saying “hayi hayi”, Sol explained, “no we can’t just leave the chillers hanging like that, come on we can’t.”

MacG then shared “So Ghostlady told us before we started recording that she kissed JR” and Ghostlady said that it happened “in high school.” MacG then asked Ghostlady when did she realize that he was not the one, “Because he was a side and I was dating his friend,” she responded. Both Sol and MacG were shocked at what Ghostlady said and kept on exclaiming “yhoo” with MacG even asking “so you were making the circle bigger”.

Ghostlady explained that it was just a kiss and after Sol asked for more context as to who the kiss actually happened, she explained further. “It was actually at the friend’s (her boyfriend) place, outside”. Ghostlady explained they were all at the boyfriend’s place as friends. MacG pushed for more details of how the kiss happened, asking Ghostlady if she approached JR. “It was so stupid, way back” she revealed and as to whether JR was a good kisser or not Ghostlady “can’t even remember”.

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