Scoop Explains Why He Has A Problem With Cassper Focusing Entirely On Amapiano

Scoop Explains Why He Has A Problem With Cassper Focusing Entirely On Amapiano. On the latest episode of the POPCast with Miss Cosmo, Scoop Makhathini and DJ Switch, some interesting points are raised about rapper Cassper Nyovest’s decision to leave hip hop for amapiano. Cassper has been very vocal about his decision to switch genres and he has also not been shy to explain why he’s riding the amapiano wave.

The hip hop commentators on the episode, get real about Cassper’s decision and share their views on the situation and Scoop had plenty to say. Scoop voiced that Cassper deciding to leave hip hop, the way he has isn’t a positive thing as it affects those who have supported him and entered the game because of him. Scoop also clarified that he has no problem with Cassper following the money, just the way he has done things. “I have a problem with that, not following the money trai,n but I do have a problem with the way Cassper’s done what he’s done and the way he’s said what he’s done. I’ll explain to you why.”

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Scoop went on to explain that “when you’ve lived in this house that has taken care of you for such a long time and it’s given you so much and there are kids and people that are coming up in this genre because they want to follow what you’ve done. Right, if you are successful in something and you and okay let me also add on the fact that you’re a black guy, as well on top of that, never mind anything else you’re also a black man. You have the responsibility to make sure that when you sit at the top of the hill, there’s a ladder at the bottom of you, that people can climb and get to a spot as well, because these people, these are the people that helped you get to your spot.”

The hip hop commentator then tackles Cassper saying that there are no politics on the piano side and it’s all about the music. “He talks about the fact, that there’s no politics on this side. If a song is hot, it’s hot, look even in hip hop people can sit on chairs and talk and talk about you, but if your song is hot, the people will dictate that. So let’s be honest, this is not about songs being hot or whatever, you know, this is about someone who is now for whatever reason feeling some type of way against hip hop. Because maybe they don’t feel the type of music, he was making then he’s making his decisions for money but he’s putting it in a way that kills the future for the people involved in the culture that have supported him.”

“He’s extinguishing the fire of the genre and that puts the kids in a tough position because they should eat from this because they also have something to say like he did when they supported him, added Scoop.

Scoop had plenty to say about Cassper moving to amapiano but he also explained that he is not trying to paint the rapper in a bad light but is speaking on the way things come across to him in regards to the moves Cassper makes and also the things he says. “He always talks about what’s wrong with hip hop and the people in hip hop or what’s wrong with it. Hip Hop is not something that lives by itself it’s people orientated he’s also a person in this culture, one of the forerunners of hip hop.”

Scoop goes on to speak about how there have been wrong things Cassper has done in the hip hop game yet he does not speak on it as much. “There has been a lot wrong with him too and he can’t even be human enough to see that but he always talks about what’s wrong with everybody else but there was so much wrong with him and the way he conducts himself in the space of hip hop.

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