Zingah Brags About His Latest Single And Explains What Sets It Apart

Rapper Zingah is one man that is proud of his work! Zingah recently dropped his track Ubsantusantu with Blxckie, which is the lead single from his upcoming project Scamtho Republic. The track is a reflection of where the artist is in his career. In his latest offering is coming through with a new fresh sound that the streets can enjoy. Ubsantusantu also reflects the evolution of hip hop music in South Africa.

Zingah impressed with himself, took to Twitter to brag that he has the most original song out. The rapper went on to explain that for the song he didn’t use anyone’s style or sound. “I have the most original song OUT. Didn’t use anyone’s style or sound,” tweeted Zingah. He went on to add that this was a “RARE” thing to be done. Ubsantusantu was produced by Katlego Raphathelo and has a guitar vibe beat that can be a perfect fit for any occasion.

His fans also agreed with him, one fan said that they noticed Zingah was rare when he dropped ‘hella mayn’. Another fan retweeted Zingah’s tweet and shared that Zingah around Hip Hop Africa is in good hands. The fan was very specific with his wording, which Zingah liked, as he mentioned Africa and not just South Africa. The producer has been in the game for ten years now and has learnt several things along his way and that is reflected in his latest offering.

Zingah and Somnyama Omnyama brag about being the life of the party and flex on their respective verses and come through with dope lyricism. Both rappers wrote their own verses. Zingah in the pre-chorus raps about having the baddest lady and crew. Blxckie doesn’t hold back when it comes to rapping about being the coolest guy around. “I’m a superstar, man, put through the back door (Ye) Man I’m ’bout action, stop that talkin’, can we fast forward? I’m the coolest nigga out and she here for it,” Blxckie raps.

The rapper has also hyped up the release of his upcoming project, which he promises is going to be a “classic”. Zingah tweeted that “Scamtho is going to be a South African classic”. Fellow rapper Blaklez is among the people who are looking forward to the body of work. Blaklez told Zingah that he can’t wait and shared his expectations for the project. “Hope there’s proper Scamtho/lingo in there,” tweeted Blaklez, he also jokingly let know what he doesn’t want, “Not abo “what’s the levol”” Judging from Zingah response there he can expect Scamtho lingo as he said in his response, “you hit it on the nose.”

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