Zoocci Coke Dope Reveals What He Always Knew About 25K

Zoocci Coke Dope is behind the curation of rapper 25K’s debut album and was a key player in making the album happening, he even came up with the title, Pheli Makaveli for the album. Working with 25K was not just another bag moment for Zoocci Coke Dope but something he truly believed in, as he genuinely believes in the rapper’s talent.

25K has dropped the visuals for his fan favourite track Hustlers Prayer and in celebration, Zoocci shared the good news with his followers. Zoocci Coke Dope revealed that he always knew 25K was a star, with every studio session they had for the album but now that he is seeing everything come together he is getting goosebumps. In his tweet, Zoocci revealed his thoughts about the rapper as he called him “a star”. Zoocci added that the release of the video will “stamp” his statement.

“25K A STAR FOR REAL. TOMORROW WiLL STAMP iT. WE KNEW iT’D BE LiKE THiS EVERY SESSiON FOR THAT ALBUM BUT i GOT GOOSEBUMPS WATCHiNG iT FULLY iN FRUiTiON,” tweeted the hit producer. In his tweet, Zoocci also shared that he is proud of the kasi trap rapper. This is not the first time, Zoocci has praised 25K, he previously called him the future of street rap in South Ah.

Not only did Zoocci come up with 25K’s album title but he also features on the track Blarofonia. “The name was suggested by Zoocci Coke Dope because of me being influenced by West Coast Hip Hop like I grew up on a lot of West Coast Hip Hop I reference Tupac a lot in my songs. To him it was just a no brainer, he was just like Pheli Makaveli,” the Atteridgeville born rapper explained to SA Hip Hop Mag.

Speaking to SA Hip Hop Mag, 25K also spoke highly of Zoocci. The Hustlers Prayer hitmaker called Zoocci a “genius” and said that Zoocci doesn’t get enough acknowledgement for his work. “I feel like Zoocci, the genius in him like people don’t actually acknowledge that as much as and I feel like, with this album, they are forced to recognise the greatness in him. Cause he is making me become great in SA hip hop, so the song that we did is something you wouldn’t really think would come out of a studio session with me and him. That’s like his favourite song on the album, as well.”

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