AKA Praises Costa Titch For His Work On Their Upcoming “Work” Video

AKA Praises Costa Titch For His Work On Their Upcoming “Work” Video. SA Hip Hop artist Costa Titch recently collaborated with award-winning artist AKA on a joint EP called, You’re Welcome. The two rappers have fused up a mixture of songs that blend well with both their music styles and show off each artist’s strength. Their current EP, You’re Welcome is currently on heavy rotation on fans playlists across the country.

The project prior to its release dropped the single’s Super Soft and Big Deal back to back. Shortly after the EP’s release, AKA and Costa dropped the visuals for their hit, Super Soft. The popular South Ah rappers are clearly on a mission to strike while the iron is hot and have already worked on the visuals for another song from the EP. Taking to his Instagram stories, AKA praised his collaborator, for his efforts on the upcoming visuals for Work. In his post, AKA called Costa Titch a “genius“.

In his post, AKA revealed that he had a peek at the visuals and shared his predictions about the video as he called them an “instant classic” and went on to say the visuals will go viral instantly. “Yo! @costatitch is a genius. Just peeped the” “WORK” video. Instant classic. Instant viral, “ wrote Supa Mega. According to AKA’s post Costa might have played a huge part in the creative direction of the upcoming visuals.

The two have also been generous when it comes to giving fans visuals as they have even shared several clips that show the making of the music and also the making of their visuals. While some people may not fully grasp AKA’s collaboration with Costa Titch, their music is doing well on the charts. AKA and Costa Titch’s song, Super Soft is currently number 12 on Radiomonitor’s Airplay Chart. The song may be down a few spots on the chart but it is worth noting that it did once hold the number 1 and 2 spots shortly after its release.

In an interview with YFM, AKA revealed that he wanted to release some Jiggy music before dropping his own project which will touch on the more personal subjects of his life. During the interview, AKA also gave props to Costa Titch for allowing him to pause working on the EP as he dealt with his personal issues. “Look also credit to Costa cause when everything happened we had to put everything on hold. It was like eish is Kiernan gonna sink or is he gonna swim,” said Supa Mega.

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