Big Zulu Reveals Why He Does Charitable Acts

Big Zulu Reveals Why He Does Charitable Acts. Those who have more than others are often seen donating to those who are in need and rapper Big Zulu is a person who tends to give back to those in need. Big Zulu recently dropped his successful debut album, Ichwaane Lenyoka. Not only is Big Zulu blessing fans with good music he has also blessed some with some much-needed school resources.

The award-winning rapper recently shared on Twitter a recent act of kindness that he did. Big Zulu shared several snaps of himself with school children and a few educators holding boxes. In his caption, Big Zulu explained that he had donated laptops and printers to the unidentified school. The rapper did not disclaim which school had received the donations and how many items were donated. Big Zulu also shared why he did the charitable act which he said is done out of love. “I do this ngothando ❤️ you can’t take this away from me,” wrote Big Zulu.

The rapper went on to explain he donated the items so that the learners can continue learning. “Helping kids ngokuth ziqhubeke nemfundo ngibathengele ama laptop ne printer bazofunda,” added Big Zulu. The musician was praised by Tweeps for his efforts and many commended him for giving back to those in need. “Thank you Big Zulu ,you have changed lives, you have caused a positive effect on future generations…well done. God tears,” read one comment. One tweep even encouraged Big Zulu to rally other South Ah celebrities to also give back. “Big Zulu please also help me mobilize more celebrities so we can have proper career guidance for children in the villages,” wrote the tweep.

While Big Zulu has been praised for his efforts, not all Mzansi celebrities have received the same reception. Rapper Boity who is known to give back was recently criticized on social media after she spoke about how she enjoys the finer things in life. In her tweet, Boity said, “Knowing that I’ve stayed in the same hotel as Gaga, Brad Pitt, Iman, Princess Diana reminds me that THE SOFT LIFE IS MY PORTION! It’s where I belong!”. Her tweet rubbed one tweep the wrong way and they then went on to remind Boity what is important in life. “The most important thing is helping other people Boity, those things don’t matter at all,” said the tweep. In her response, Boity reminded the tweep that she does do charitable acts and her followers also shared her sentiments.

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