Boity Ranks Which SA Female Rapper She Would Least Want To Work With

Boity Ranks Which SA Female Rapper She Would Least Want To Work With. Rapper Boity found herself in the hot seat on Lasizwe’s popular show, Drink or Tell The Truth and was asked the one question, SA Hip Hop, artists are commonly asking on the show. While the question may have not been asked in the same way, each SA Hip Hop has been asked to rank artists in the genre. Boity was faced with the popular question and whilst hesitant to respond, she told her truth.

Lasizwe during the show’s latest episode asked, Boity, “which female artist or rapper would you never want to work with? Between Gigi Lamayne, Nadia Nakia, Nomuzi and Rouge”. The questions asked on the show are randomly selected by Lasizwe’s content director. At first, Boity was hesitant to respond to the controversial question but she opted to answer instead of drinking the concoction. “I love Rouge, I love Gigi, uhm Nadia is my girl, I’ll have to pick Nomuzi, it’s okay I’m fine with it,” Boity told Lasizwe.

Moozlie and Boity in the past have been assumed to be beefing. The Beef speculation amongst the female rappers was sparked by fans who assumed Moozlie was taking shots at Boity on her track, Fourways Freestyle. Moozlie in the track has a line that says, “You know I’m friends with everyone that writes her verses” which many assumed was a jab at Boity. However, Moozlie in an interview with Big Star Johnson on his YouTube show ‘The Pro Cess’ set the record straight.

“It’s actually so unfortunate that it turned into a Moozlie versus Boity thing when it was never about that. If you know the players concerned and if you actually really listen to the record, there’s not even one place at all where I’m addressing her,” Moozlie explained. Moozlie also clarified who the lyrics were aimed at “It’s not about her, it’s about somebody that works with her that I thought was a friend but turned out not to be.” The little situation between the rappers could possibly be the reason why picked Moozlie as the female rapper she is least most likely to work with.

Rapper Nadia Nakai who also has been on the hot seat of the popular show was asked to rank Mzansi female rappers in the order of best to worst. Nadia ranked the ladies in the following order, her best Boity, Gigi Lamayne, Rouge and her least was Moozlie. Bragga explained why she placed Boity at number 1 and said “I think she’s working the raps and the looks and the aesthetic and the bookings and everything just connects like I like things, more than the music for me.” Nadia also got candid as to why she placed Moozlie in the least position. “The Nomuzi from CashTime was more exciting for me. I feel like she was that bad b* with the short hair and she was twerking on stage and right now it’s just now my vibe. But if she went back to like that CashTime, Moozlie that CashTime Moozlie, that shit was freaking dope,” explained Nadia.

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