Costa Titch’s Shady Response To Cassper Wanting To Drop A Hip Hop Track

Costa Titch’s Shady Response To Cassper Wanting To Drop A Hip Hop Track. Rapper Costa Titch was one person, who was not here for Cassper Nyovest announcing that he will be dropping a Hip op track this September. Cassper shared on Twitter that he would be dropping a Hip op track after he saw all the comments about SA Hip Hop on social media. Mufasa in his tweet explained that his new Hip Hop release would feature a new kid on the scene. Cassper, however, also mentioned that he would only drop the track he described as a “banger” if people were nice to him in the comment section and also told him that he is the greatest.

Cassper did not reveal which new kid on the Hip Hop scene he would be collaborating with. However, it does seem highly unlikely that it will be Costa Titch who made sure to let it be known that he is not here for Cassper’s return to the Hip Hop streets. The rapper clearly worked up over Casssper’s comment even posted on his Instagram stories, his reaction to the rapper’s return to hip hop. Costa wrote, “SA Hip Hop is uniting right now. If you jumped ship, stay there and let us fix what you broke – respectfully”.

Costa’s remarks were clearly aimed at the SA Hip Hop OGs such as Cassper who have jumped on the amapiano bandwagon. Whilst there is nothing wrong with an artist switching genres, the move by SA Hip Hop OGs to amapiano has pumped the conversation that the genre is no longer relevant in the country. The conversation is damping the spirits of the new wave of SA Hip Hop artists who are currently putting out music.

The Nkalakatha hitmaker after seeing Cassper’s remarks on Instagram account Freshmen Magazine and commented that the genre does need this kind of energy and called for rest. “SA Hip Hop doesn’t need this energy, rest,” commented Costa Titch. Costa Titch also responded to another post by the Instagram account and encouraged the account to stop entertaining tweets that are not in favour of SA Hip Hop and rather support those who are trying to bring change to the genre. Costa Titch also encouraged new wave artists to keep dropping music.

“The Kids Are Saving SA Hip Hop! Stop entertaining these tweets and start supporting those that are actually trying to make change! @freshmenmag we need more events! Keep them coming! To the new wave artists keep dropping! We need more collaborations! Dont let anybobody take credit for all the hard you’ve been doing! OPERATE!!!!” commented Costa Titch.

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