“Don’t Compare Me” – Zoocci Coke Dope On Other Producers

“Don’t Compare Me” – Zoocci Coke Dope On Other Producers. Zoocci Coke Dope has earned himself the reputation of being one of the best producers in South Ah in the country but that doesn’t the award-winning artist is looking to limit himself to being just that. Zoocci in 2021 has been putting in the work, he has already worked on several SA Hip Hop artists projects. The record label boss recently took to Twitter and got candid with his followers about how he feels about the word “producer” when it comes to him.

Zoocci has proven that he is more than just a producer as he is able to curate, mixing, recording and master when it comes to projects. In a tweet, Zoocci said, “the word “producer” is very diverse. Most renowned producers in South Africa specialise in 1 department – making beats.” In his tweet, Zoocci let his followers know that he doesn’t want to be compared to other producers as he has proven just how much range on the different projects that he has worked on. “I have credit on about 7 projects this year showing range. Curating – recording – mixing and mastering and on some doing everything. Don’t compare me, “wrote Zoocci.

Zoocci went on to reveal that he is tired of seeing his fans debate about dope producers and when the people he is being compared to only do a fraction of what a producer does, which he says might just be creating the beat for an artist. “I’m sick of seeing my fans have to debate when the people who get mentioned do merely a fraction of the word “producer”. Zoocci even gave his fans some advice on how they should handle the best producer debate in South Ah and it’s pretty simple according to him ask they did on production besides sending the beat, as one might find out they didn’t even mix the song. “To my fans- when they debate this, ask whoever wanna debate: “What other production did your fav do apart from the bears he sent to an artist” tweeted Zoocci.

The Piff Audio, record label boss doesn’t really need to say much when it comes to his defence when it comes to being one of the best producers in South Ah, as his work speaks for itself. 25K and Priddy Ugly’s projects, which dropped this year have gone to the top of the charts and are described as well-produced albums by fans. Zooci has even worked on albums that went to win awards at ceremonies such as the SA Hip Hop Awards.

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