Flvme Shoots His Shot To Work With Lil Baby

Flvme Shoots His Shot To Work With Lil Baby. Social media has made it easy for artists are across the world to connect with each other and create hits. While in reality, it may seem that an artist who is in America may be unreachable, social media has brought the distance closer for people. Several South Ah artists have made connections through social media that have opened the doors for them to work with artists overseas.

South Ah rapper and producer Flvme has thrown in his name as a suggestion for U.S rapper Lil Baby to work with for his upcoming album. Lil Baby took to Twitter and shared that he needs some fire producers to work with for his next album. “I need some ? producers! My next album gotta be different,” tweeted Lil Baby Flvme upon seeing the U.S rapper’s tweet decided to shoot his shot at working with the popular rapper.

Flvme retweeted Lil Baby’s tweet and told the rapper to hit him up, a sign that he is ready to work with Lil Baby. “Hit me up,” wrote Flvme. The award-winning South Ah’s fans seem to agree that Flvme should work on the upcoming project. One fan commented and said that Lil Baby should trust them when they say that Flvme is a whole atomic bomb. A cosign that Flvme is the one who would be able to bring a different element to the album.

It is not yet clear if the American rapper has gotten in contact with Flvme as of yet but it would be an achievement for Flvme to work with Lil Baby. Flvme, however, is no stranger to working with American artists. Flvme previously collaborated with Atlanta rapper 24hrs on the track All In which features on Flvme’s album Dead Or Alive, which was released in 2020.

Flvme recently produced one of Nasty C’s hit songs Jack, which went on to top the charts on Apple Music Hip Hop/Rap charts. The visuals for the song Jack, have also accumulated huge views on YouTube, since its release 2 months ago, it has been watched 2.9 million times. After the release of the song, Flvme reflected on how far he had come, as in 2016 he was sending Nasty C beats and now a few years later he finally produced a song for Nasty C. “I remember I was sending beats to Nasty back in 2016 … fast forward, I finally got to produce a record for him … Never Give Up On Your Dreams,“ wrote the rapper.

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