“Guess Who Got The Last Laugh?”, Cassper Gloats About #TheBraaiShowWithCass Premiere

“Guess Who Got The Last Laugh?”, *Cassper Gloats About #TheBraaiShowWithCass Premiere. The day has finally arrived for the premiere of season 2 of The Braai Show with Cass. A lot was said about the show before its premiere date. There were even claims at one point that the show would not make its screen debut but the day is finally here and Mzansi will finally get to witness Cassper Nyovest as a presenter. The rapper is very excited about the show premiere especially since there was so much drama on the streets about him taking over as the host from his rival, AKA.

Cassper in a tweet expressed his joy over the show finally seeing the light of day despite the legal obstacles it faced and being criticised. In his tweet, Cassper poked fun at the things critics said and asked the critics, who got the last laugh. He also reiterated his statement that he doe not work for AKA, who co-created the show. “Yall said the show wouldn’t see the light of day. Yall also said I worked for the boy. Well , #TheBraaiShowWithCass premires tonight at 18:00 on SABC 1 and like I said !!! Ha Ke Spanele malaatie!!! I just can’t stop winning!!! Last question , guess who got the last laugh? Haha!!” tweeted the rapper.

Cassper is very excited about the show and is not concerned about what the haters have to say. The rapper also shared that he knows the critics will be tweeting more “rubbish” when the show debut at 6 pm on SABC 1. Don Billiato told a fan that he would only be worried about the critics when they stopped tweeting as that would mean he is no longer relevant. “Lmao… They must come !!! Later on they will be tweeting more rubbish!!! As long as they don’t stop talking then we are good. Once they stop talking we worry cause then we not relevant. Tonight !!! 18:00 !!! Sabc 1!!! #TheBraaiShowWithCass”

A big debacle about the show has been rapper AKA’s involvement. What was initially a court battle between AKA and producers Cake Media and MakhuduCom is now being settled out of court, by those involved. A fan asked Cassper if it’s all lies when people say AKA is his boss. Cassper told the tweep that it’s 100 percent all a big lie. “100 percent. All a big lie. #TheBraaiShowWithCass 18:00 tonight on Sabc 1,” responded Cassper. AKA is still negotiating with producers MakhuduCom and Cake Media and according to reports, parties have not yet reached an agreement.

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