Maggz Reveals How He Almost Went To Jail Because Of Bongani Fassie

Maggz Reveals How He Almost Went To Jail Because Of Bongani Fassie. Rapper Maggz and his former collaborator Bongani Fassie have gone through some pretty hectic things and some of the things have resulted in a draft between the former friends. Maggz and Bongani are currently not on good terms and it seems there is no pathing things up between them. During his interview on Podcast with MacG rapper Maggz who recently returned to the music scene has spoken about him and Bongani not being cool with each other.

MacG asked Maggz about the current state of his relationship with Bongani Fassie. In his response, Maggz shared how he found himself involved in a legal case that lasted for two years because of Bongani. “What about Bongani Fassie are you guys cool?” Maggz had quite the response to the question and said, “Nha no that nigga can go suck it.” Maggz was then asked by the hosts what happened between him and Bongani and he explained what went down and ruined their relationship, which was him almost going to jail because of Bongani. “I almost went to jail for that guy,” shared the rapper.

“So what had happened was Bongz we work there it’s your studio, it’s your equipment. One day I get a call, please help me I’m moving. I’m moving to another spot. Lance, we fighting, so okay please come and help me take my equipment to the other spot. Pull up there, take the equipment go to the other spot. Next thing when Lance pulls up, yall mother fuckers stole my shit. We like what! Now I’m out there. Dude, I was facing 15 years. It was a schedule 5 case because of the price of the equipment,” shared Maggz.

The rapper also told the hosts that matter added to him being unable to create music and also shared that during the legal process, Bongani started acting differently. “I was going to court for like 2 years, it added to the music depression, I ain’t ready to record I’m going through this shit right now, I just want to get it over and done with and I went to court. Another thing that pissed me off, cause I was okay we were going through the emotions at the time, going to court… What pissed me off is that later on, the homie started switching up on us. There were three of us me, this girl Tessa and Bongani. It was the three of us that were charged, there were more of us who picked up but Lance gunned for us cause we were close to Bongs at the time,” Maggz explained.

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