Makwa Calls Out Nota For Bringing Him Up In Every Interview

Makwa Calls Out Nota For Bringing Him Up In Every Interview. Makwa is over SA Hip Hop commentator Nota always mentioning his name in the interviews he does. Nota has been public with his claims about the hit producer on social media and in his interviews. While Nota may simply be answering the questions he is asked, Makwa is tired of Nota’s interviews being based on him. Nota recently did an interview on The Rea & Blvck Steph Podcast on the Everything SA Music TV YouTube channel.

Makwa must have gotten wind that in the interview, Nota mentioned his name as he took to Twitter to share a strong message aimed at Nota. In his tweet, Makwa asked Nota for how long will he continue to speak about him in interviews. Makwa asked his former colleague when will it all stop and does Jesus need to return in order for him to stop. “Nota when will all this stop?…. Lol all your interviews are based on me…Like how long are you gonna drag this? Mele kuze k’buy’uJesu? Stop it!!!” tweeted Makwa.

While Nota may have not said anything new in his interview, Makwa just wasn’t here for his name being brought up once again by Nota in an interview. Nota in the interview said, “Now let me tell you something about Makwa. Makwa stopped working on Kid X’s album, switched off everything, we’re working on a project, you are being paid a salary every month and said I want a car, I want a BMW 3 series now otherwise this album is not coming out. Now you’ve produced 80% of the songs.”

“Makwa’s working arrangement started like this he was being paid per beat, R 2000 per beat. At this same time, he’s being paid R 2000 per beat not as in in-house studio. When I go to his Facebook on the same day, he’s busy selling beats to people for R200. I have to call him, yo please don’t sell any of those beats we’re looking for. He’s like no no don’t worry I’m just selling to my, Im like okay well if you’re selling beats for R200 and you’re charging me R 2000 it’s just going to look bad you need to up your price. We did DaKar 2, He got paid like R 18 000. Immediately after we’re done recording DaKar 2 we start working on TDK in December 2015 only dropped in 2018. And while we working on that he’s not full-time, he’s just chilling there staying at X’s crib, he’s got a bedroom, he’s nice, he’s being taken care of. His living soft life, you went from living in the back room at your grandmother’s house to nicely in the North, Broadacres soft,” Nota went on to further explain.

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