Nota Shares His Thoughts On Who Should Sort Out Royalties Cassper Allegedly Owes To Mahotella Queens

Nota Shares His Thoughts On Who Should Sort Out Royalties Cassper Allegedly Owes To Mahotella Queens. A recent report by Sunday World revealed that award-winning rapper Cassper Nyovest allegedly owes legendary group, Mahotella Queens an undisclosed amount in unpaid royalties. Cassper collaborated with Mahotella Queens and his song, Malone in 2015. The group also performed the song alongside the rapper at the Global Citizen concert. The allegations were levelled at Cassper by Mahotella Queens producer Veli Shabangu at the memorial service of Nobesuthu Mbadu was a member of the group.

The matter of royalties is a sensitive issue and has many sides to it. The payment of royalties is not solely the duty of an artist but there are other individuals involved such as record label executives. Music executive Nota Baloyi on the latest episode of his podcast on YouTube, Everybody Hates Nota, weighed in on the allegations levelled against Cassper. Nota shared his take on the matter and according to him Cassper should not be the one to sort out the matter but his manager Tlee should.

During the episode, Nota’s co-host Amy Zulu raised an issue that she has with Mufasa, which is him not paying people their royalties. Nota raised the point that he has an issue with Shabangu speaking on the matter at the funeral. After Amy explained that the funeral was the right platform, because what if Cassper was avoiding them to which Nota responded and said that he doesn’t think it’s Cassper but Tlee. “I don’t think it was Cassper, I think it was Tlee. Tlee should be dealing with things like that,” said Nota. Tlee is Cassper’s manager. Amy went on to ask Nota “but what about when Cassper didn’t pay Tshego his royalties?” Nota went on to still shift the blame on Tlee. “I blame Tlee. Why is Tlee not making sure that everybody is paid? You want to get props for being the best manager, make sure that things like that get taken care of,” said Nota. Amy however argued that Tlee and Cassper are one and the same person but Nota shared that Cassper is out in the UK, promoting amapiano and is busy.

“Mahotella Queens had their turn to spread Gazette to the world, but now they don’t even complain that some other company Gallo owns that stuff and they don’t even own it. And they’re getting a pittance of royalty for that. Why don’t they complain about that why? Because that would be complaining against white people. All I’m saying is that why don’t they complain against the big company that screwed them, why does she even care about the royalties from the Cassper song. That Cassper song, the royalties cannot even be more R2000 at most. The sales royalties because I know the publishing royalties she gets it but that album was given away. Yes, it went platinum but it was given away. Refiloe was giving it away, it was handed out for free. That’s what I’m saying, Yo no money came in for that. There was no royalties because they handed that album out for free. At the end of the day, Tlee should be able to explain this to these people,” Nota also added.

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