Priddy Ugly Reveals The Lines In ‘Handful Of Dust’ That Were Aimed At A-Reece

Priddy Ugly Reveals The Lines In ‘Handful Of Dust’ That Were Aimed At A-Reece. Rapper Priddy Ugly has finally provided some much-needed clarity about the speculation that he dissed fellow rapper A-Reece on his track, Handful Of Dust which is on his sophomore album SOIL. Speculation has been rife that the two rappers are beefing with each other and that they have taken shots at each other on their various projects. A-Reece recently shared a clip on social media that was seen as his response to Priddy Ugly’s jabs to him on the track, Handful Of Dust.

Priddy Ugly in his interview on POPradio has addressed the elephant in the room and explained to Ms Cosmo and Scoop Makhathini that in fact he was not dissing A-Reece but was just rapping, playing the game and actually responding to A-Reece’s lines on his track Hibachi where he takes shots at rappers. “So on the song Handful Of Dust, there are lyrics that people think are about people and they are about certain rappers but it’s not really about them. It’s like let’s play diski or when you playing one on one basketball. You’re not trying to kill the next dude but you’re like hey bro I’m gonna cross you over.

Priddy shared that he has seen all the slimes (A-Reece fans) in his mentions before explaining the lines on his song that were a response to the lines dropped on his song “On Handful Of Dust, I say you know because, I’ll say Reece because the slimes are in my mentions like a lot but shout out to the slimes, cause it’s so dope to see someone you know people getting that much support and this is all love to these dudes love you know we. So he’s got a song called hibachi and on hibachi, he’s like yo I think I’m gaining bodyweight I’m on a beef diet turning rappers to hibachi steak. So I was like okay cool, he probably is turning rappers into a hibachi steak I’m not one of them that’s what I’m saying.

So my response even to that it’s not even like a response it’s like yo rap is in a cocky place, I’m not the one who’s turning into hibachi steak lost his taste now your favourite rapper probably dropping plates. Copy paste I’m Haile Selassie in Verace shades I need the Maserati just to match my liberace grace. You know so like obviously people like oh you dissed Reece that’s actually like not a diss I’m just clearing my name,” explained the rapper.

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