Priddy Ugly Reacts To His Song Being Number 1 On Massive Metro For 4 Consecutive Weeks

Priddy Ugly Reacts To His Song Being Number 1 On Massive Metro For 4 Consecutive Weeks. Artist Priddy Ugly has plenty of reason to celebrate as his album, SOIL, continues to do well, weeks after its release. Priddy Ugly’s Sophomore album SOIL has hit another milestone as it continues to climb the music charts on the radio charts. The popular rapper has taken to social media to share the recent win his album has gotten.

Priddy Ugly’s track SOIL, which is also the name of his album, has been on rotation on radio stations since it dropped. On Massive Metro’s show, The Element, the record, SOIL, once again landed the number one spot. This is not the first time the song is number one on the show’s chart. SOIL has held the number one spot for the past 4 weeks. Priddy shared the tweet with his followers and said, “1. SOIL – 4 WEEKS” in his post he also added the trophy emoji and praying emojis.

Fans congratulated the rapper on his win in his comment section as they celebrated the win with the rapper. A fan commented and said that the numbers are paying off. “Numbers are paying off my G,” wrote the fan. One tweep commented that SA Hip Hop is in ICU or dead but was reminded by another fan of the genre is not dead and that they are probably looking in the wrong place, hence their statement.

Priddy Ugly has also previously weighed in on the current ongoing debate on the state of SA Hip Hop. The rapper recently shared a very strong message to people who have publicly distanced themselves from the genre “Those that openly & publicly shunned & distanced themselves from SA Hip Hop.. Don’t expect a plate when WE’re dishing up & dining again… But we’ll let you know when di kotlolo need cleaning…” wrote the rapper in his tweet.

Priddy’s album also once held the number 2 spot on streaming platform, Apple Music’s Top Albums chart. This was something Priddy was proud of and shared with his fans and followers who have been supporting him throughout. The rapper shared a screenshot of the moment on his social media accounts and wrote in the caption “Me, Kilo & Zandile !!! E reng SA Hip Hop bafanas ?”

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