Reason Speaks On Celebrities Acting Different In Person Vs Twitter

Reason Speaks On Celebrities Acting Different In Person Vs Twitter. Rapper Reason could have possibly had a run-in with someone who had a lot to say on Twitter about him but failed to act the same way in public. Reason took to Twitter to share about an incident that had him rolling his eyes. Social media has become the place where often things are said, beefs are started and where public figures make their opinions on various topics and people. At times, people can post things that are received as being shady towards another person.

It seems that Reason believes that if you have a lot to say on Twitter, you should also have plenty to say in person. However, he was seemingly left disappointed when that didn’t happen. It is unclear what lead to Reason share his sentiments but one thing was clear, he “hates celebrity Twitter thugs”. The award-winning rapper is known to have had a twar, here and there on Twitter. His twar with Cassper is going but then again Reason doesn’t know who that is. In his tweet, Reason shared that “Niggaz tweet nonsense about you and then keep quiet when they see you in person”.

Reason may have not mentioned any names in his tweet or gone into exact details but one could speculate that he is referring to someone he is not on the best terms with, for instance, Cassper. Reason and the Baby Girl hitmaker threw a few jabs at each other on Twitter. One would assume the two rappers would be able to bond over their love of amapiano music, instead, they are not. Reason even dismissed questions about Mufasa during his interview on Real Goboza. When hosts Sinazo Yolwa and Samora Mangesi, asked the Azania hitmaker about Cassper, he pretend to not know him. “I don’t know who you talking about, I don’t know such, never heard of her, ” said the rapper on the show.

Reason’s sentiments are very similar to how Cassper feels about Prince Kaybee backing out from their boxing match. Technically, Prince Kaybee made demands that were just crazy to meet and now the celebrity boxing match is waiting for an opponent. Cassper has said that people would rather tweet than actually sort things out in the ring. “The Kaybee thing is dead. I have realized that niggas wanna get clout from tweeting or they tryna finesse money to fall on incase they lose. I was looking forward 2 getting in the ring with dude but he is delusional with his demands. Who else yall think would make a good fight?” tweeted the rapper.

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