“Who’s That? Reason When Asked About Cassper

“Who’s That? Reason When Asked About Cassper. Rapper Reason had quite an interesting response when he was recently asked about fellow rapper Cassper Nyovest. The two popular SA Hip Hop artists not so long ago had a moment on the social media streets and it seems to have been also taken personally. Reason and Cassper have both recently jumped on the Amapiano bandwagon and have been released amapiano tracks.

The ‘Top Seven’ rapper, goes by a new stage new, Sizwe Alakine, for his amapiano music was recently on Real Goboza and was asked on the Mgosi show about his relationship with Cassper Nyovest. Presenter Sinazo Yolwa asked Reason “While we are still on the topic of Hip Hop artists, You and Cassper have you decided on the collaboration?” Reason then answered “who” and Sinazo said “you”, the rapper even repeated the question. Even when Samora tried to explain the rapper said in isiZulu, “ubani (who)“.

The rapper may have been wearing shades not allowing viewers to see his eyes but his body language was very loud. Sinazo and Samora proceeded to describe Cassper, to try and jog Reason‘s memory a bit but the rapper was not having it. “I don’t know who you talking about, I don’t know such, never heard of her, ” said the rapper. Reason and Cassper recent Twitter beef occurred shortly after they made the move to amapiano music. When Cassper first started publicly dabbling in amapiano music he received some backlash from and Reason also allegedly made some comments. Prior to reason Reason’s track, “Khanda Shisa” featuring DJ Maphorisa.

A Twitter user had shared a tweet, where they spoke about their expectations from the industry on what they will have to say about Reason’s move the dance genre. Cassper responded to the tweep and gave him a response of what would happen. “They aren’t gonna say shit. It’s not what you’re doing, it’s who is doing it. The truth is I am the pulse. I am soo connected 2 da culture that I can’t set a foot wrong. They always criticize in the beginning but they ALWAYS FOLLOW. It don’t matter no more doe, it’s adapt or die,[sic]” tweeted the rapper. Cassper also shared that the criticism is also admiration from the rapper. “Like dawg … This should show you that it’s all admiration at the end of the day. Haters are actally your biggest fans, they just wish it wasn’t you,” tweeted Cassper.

Of course, the Azania rapper caught wind of what Cassper tweeted directing to him and told the rapper to leave him alone and find something else to do, like fighting with Prince Kaybee. “Please man! This thing of saying things about people to get reactions from them is so 2015. Just make music or go fight Prince Kaybee and leave me alone man!” tweeted Reason. Well, only time if these new amapiano artists will broker peace but if Reason doesn’t even know Cassper, that might be difficult.

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