Rouge Reveals How Moozlie Has Always Had Her Back

Rouge Reveals How Moozlie Has Always Had Her Back. South Ah rappers have been riding together in the game while now have even formed a friendship outside of the music. Rouge has even credited the Vatel rapper for helping her manoeuvre her way around the industry. It’s been said it gets tricky at times so it is always good to have the right people around you. The two rappers have maintained a good relationship and always support the moves each makes.

Moozlie has proven herself to be the kind of friend that a person can rely on. Rouge in response to a fan on Twitter revealed just how much Moozlie has been there for her. Rouge’s comments come after a fan of the friends wondered if they were still cool with each other. In her response to the tweep Rouge, said that Moozlie’s “soul is everything” and went on to add Moozlie “showed up for me everytime”. This came after the fan said in a tweet recalled Rouge’s previously said kind words about Moozlie. “I think she is genuinely is. I remember @Rouge_Rapper once said something similar about her. I hope they still cool,” said the tweet.

Moozlie was also a guest a Rouge’s recent birthday celebration and judging from their Instagram stories on the night, the ladies had a lot of fun. Rouge and Moozlie even performed together at the party. The female rappers in 2017 dropped a track called, Mbongo Zaka, produced by Tweezy. Rouge is not the only person who has credited Moozlie as being a good friend. Moozlie currently stars on DJ Zinhle’s reality show, Unexpected and has only had nice things to say about Moozlie as a friend.

When it comes to the SA Hip Hop game, the lines when it comes to friendship are made clear and fans are always quick to assume things when they sense tension vibes from their favourite personalities. Recently Nadia Nakai and Cassper Nyovest had to clear up speculation about the state of their relationship. Cassper responded to a fan who sensed “tension” between the two rappers. Mufasa shared with there is no tension between him and Nadia but they are just on two different paths. “Nah but she left the label and we no longer work together so naturally we won’t hang as much. She’s got a new team and I’m sure she’ll be good cause she always did her own thing anyway,” shared Cassper on Twitter.

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