SA Rappers React To Anele Zondo Making Her Music Debut

SA Rappers React To Anele Zondo Making Her Music Debut. TV presenter, actress and model Anele Zondo have her fans in awe of her rap skills after she dropped visuals on Instagram of herself rapping a dope verse. Anele’s verse had not only her fans in awe but also a few rap individuals in the rap game impressed. Anele is mostly known for her work as a presenter on shows such as Massive Metro but now she wants to be known for what she can do in the music game.

Ney the Bae, as she is popularly known as, in her verse’s raps about her come up in the South Ah entertainment industry and she has definitely come a long way since her days of selling weaves. Several comments from SA Hip Hop artists were seen on Anele’s Instagram post. Rappers such as Moozlie, Reason, Blxckie, Priddy Ugly and Zingah dropped a comment. This is Anele’s way of officially entering the music game, she has not yet released the song on digital platforms but the teaser she offered has been convincing enough to show that she has what it takes.

Moozlie commented and said what stood out for her was Anele speaking of her real-life moments in her music and recalled once buying hair from Anele. “Snap I actually remember buying hair from you, it’s the real life raps for me,” commented Moozlie. Both Blxckie and Priddy Ugly were both feeling the heat and dropped comments saying “Okay then” and “Okay Okay”. Hip Hop producer and record label executive Sliqe was also left impressed Anele and wrote, “Alriigghht mazzoooodo”.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Anele shared that music has always been a part of her life and she always knew she would venture into the music game. She has previously worked on music videos and now she is taking the next step. Anele also told the publication that she is very happy with the reception that she has received from the public. While Anele making music may be a shock to some but the TV presenter has been in the studio for the past 12 months. Anele also revealed to the publication that she will be released a YP, a Young Project, which will be very experimental and see her dabbling in different sounds.

“I’m very private, but I decided that if I am going to tell my story, I will tell it my way and how I want people to receive it, in the most honest way. I don’t want people making stories about me. I had two options, either I do music or write a book. I decided on making music,” she told the publication.

“It’s different experimental sounds, it’s got a bit of Afrobeats, amapiano, dance music and more. We have added a bit of everything so people see my full potential. It’s very experimental and I believe that no one in the South African music game has done what I’m about to do. I’m very excited about it. I’m not comparing myself to anyone but I believe that I’m doing something different,” she added.

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