Scandal! Actor And Rapper Ayanda Daweti Rants Over Not Being Credited On Emtee’s Track, “All My Life”

Scandal! Actor And Rapper Ayanda Daweti Rants Over Not Being Credited On Emtee’s Track, “All My Life”. Scandal! actor and musician Ayanda Daweti, who also goes by the stage name Tukshop Bafanaz during a recent interview got candid about not being credited on a song called All My Life, by Emtee. The song is on Emtee’s recent album, Logan. During his interview on the NewKid Volg, the host Tsepang Liphapang spoke about how he didn’t know that Ayanda featured on Emtee’s album and Ayanda shared some interesting details about the collaboration.

Ayanda explained to the hosts that the collaboration does not excite him and reflected on how not being credited on the song has made him feel.“You understand I know you good Emtee but just a young credit to say this guy did this, you know what I mean. I see a lot of tweets, aboSjava and them saying this is a dope song, all my life is one of my favourite songs on there and I’m like I’m here sitting thinking. I’m not saying I’m the one who made the song to be the way it is but I did add something for the song to sound like that. The little that you can do, I don’t care whether’s you or your team you know for a fact that my name is not written on that song and I’m not saying this is going to elevate and take me somewhere,” Ayanda shared.

While Ayanda loves Hip Hop there are things, he doesn’t like about the genre. The musician went on to share how he’s not a fan of the arrogance and ego that comes with the genre. “So my point is hip hop I love it but I hate one thing about hip hop. There is a lot of arrogance and ego. Ingaske a person portrays a character and then step away from the character and then be you. Amajita of Hip Hop they wanna be these number one they wanna be this what what what and not feel anything about anyone. iJuice that you bring to me and add to what I am doing. I would appreciate for you to acknowledge that and say yo, here’s the credit. You put this on this.

Ayanda went on to note that he has a song out and he is not speaking out on not being credited by Emtee for attention. “I just have a dop song now called Amadabi, it’s gonna fly it was playing on Umhlobo Wenene last week and it’s still gonna play on other radio stations and I’m still gonna fly alone solo as Tucksop Bafanaz. All I am saying is credit someone who has put something on your work for you to sound different from what you are. The least you can do for that shit is for you to say that guy helped me, we did this together, that’s all I’m saying”.

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