This Is Who Emtee Thinks Will Revive SA Hip Hop

This Is Who Emtee Thinks Will Revive SA Hip Hop. Award-winning rapper Emtee has shared his opinion on who he thinks can revive SA Hip Hop. The rapper’s latest comment comes in the midst of the ongoing debate on the state of SA Hip Hop. A lot has been said in this hot debate but there seems to also never end to it. Despite the SA Hip Hop drops coming through hot and heavy, chatter that the genre is dead in SA is still ongoing and seems to not have an end in sight.

Emtee shared a tweet where he sarcastically shared who should revive the hip hop game. Emtee directed his tweet, to “dope rappers” since they have dope bars that everyone seems to be looking so much. “Aye “dope rappers” revive hip hop phela since you’re “tight”/“dope” and have “bars” tweeted Emtee. The popular rapper did not mention any names in his tweet but it is possible that he is subbing fans who have plenty to say about the state of SA Hip Hop.

Emtee’s comment on the state of the SA Hip Hop debate comes after weeks of back and forth between hip hop artists and fans, who seem to can’t agree on anything. Several fans have called for Cassper Nyovest to return to the South Ah hip hop streets but not everyone wants him back. Rapper Costa Titch is one artist who made his feelings clear when it Cassper returning to the game to help revive it. Costa Titch had shared on his Instagram stories “SA Hip Hop is uniting right now. If you jumped ship, stay there and let us fix what you broke.” Whilst Costa never mentioned Cassper in his tweet, his message came after fans called for his return.

Emtee has been about keeping the peace and is not saying much on the hot debate instead he is working hard promoting his music and working on his record label. The rapper recently dropped the visuals for his highly popular song, Johustleburg. To commemorate the release of the visuals the trapper met up with Joburg city mayor Jolidee Matongo. During their quick meeting, Emtee showed the mayor his work celebrating the City of Gold. The mayor tweeted, about the visit. “Young rapper and artist @emteerecords recently released a single called #Johustleburg and this morning he paid me to a visit to have me listen to it. The song is about the constant drive that our residents in @CityofJoburgZA have. Well done to @emteerecords & his team!” 

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