Sjava Reveals The One Thing He Will Always Appreciate About ProKid

Sjava Reveals The One Thing He Will Always Appreciate About ProKid. The late rapper ProKid is forever remembered by South Africans for his contribution to SA Hip Hop. He may no longer be alive but his legacy lives on. Sjava recently took to Twitter to pay tribute to the late Soweto rapper who passed away in 2018. This year, ProKid would have celebrated his 40th, he is considered a legend in the SA Hip Hop and his contributions to the genre have made him be considered a pioneer in the industry.

In his tribute, Sjava noted the rare trait ProKid had, in SA Hip Hop. Sjava spoke of how he will forever appreciate that ProKid was able to deliver bars that were proudly South African and Sowetan. Sjava noted that this is something that is rare when it comes to SA Hip Hop. “One thing I will forever appreciate ngo Pro Kid is that his Bars were Proudly Soweto and South African that’s very rare in SA Hip Hop,” tweeted Sjava.

Fans and followers of Sjava who saw the tweet commented on his tweet and shared their fond memories of ProKid. One tweep even noted that Pro was the first artist they listened to in Hip Hop music and they were able to relate to his stories. “Facts!!! The first guy I listened to ku Hip Hop and could relate to so much, the stories told & his pen game was out of here ?. Still haven’t heard an S.A rapper with such a skill ??” commented the tweep. Another tweep even spoke about they wondered how Pro was able to rap over ringtones and create magic. “I still wonder how he did that…uncle pro would play a ringtone over a beat and create a scene before he raps. LEGENDARY,” shared the tweep.

One fan went on to share that they wished that SA Hip Hop artists would continue the legacy ProKid began with which is “rhetorical motivation”. The tweep shared that Pro was very authentic and spoke on messages that blacks could relate to. “Very authentic, relative to what “We” blacks face on daily basis. The message sent through is the life we live. Very relative. I so wish our current hip-hop artists could take forward what he started, which is rhetorical motivation. We lost a hero indeed,” shared the tweep.

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