This Is Who Cassper Thinks Meek Mill Should Ask For Advice On Which SA Hip Hop Artists To Work With

This Is Who Cassper Thinks Meek Mill Should Ask For Advice On Which SA Hip Hop Artists To Work With. Rapper Meek Mill had the South Ah Hip Hop streets going crazy when he revealed that he was willing to work with an artist from the country on his upcoming album, Expensive Pain. The U.S rapper made this known after a fan asked him if they are any South African rappers on the project. Several names have been suggested by fans as to who Meek should select to work. Fans have defended their respective choice in their responses to the Going Bad hitmaker.

Opinons have also been raised about how the award-winning rapper should select who he wants to work with. It is a big decision to make after all especially considering how talented some South Ah rappers are. Rapper Cassper Nyovest also entered the chat and gave his take on what moves Meek should make when it comes to the situation. Instead of suggesting someone Meek should work with, Cassper instead shared who Meek should turn to for advice on the matter. “Ask Pj Kev. He will let you know wassup,” responded Cassper.

Mufasa suggested that Meek ask PJ Kev, formerly known as Kelvin Mensah, for his take on the matter as he knows what’s up. PJ Kev is a Ghanaian American entrepreneur and is best known as being a private jet broker. It is unclear why Cassper thinks PJ Kev is the right man to advise Meek, however, it is worth noting Kelvin is buddies with Meek. Cassper is also followed on Instagram by the successful entrepreneur and Cassper follows him back on the platform.

Cassper’s advice was met with mixed reactions from fans and it seemed not everyone was in favour of the rapper entering a Hip Hop chat. One tweep commented that Cassper should sit the conversation out as it was not an amapiano conversation. “CASSPER YOU ARE A NO NO FOR THIS PROJECT! This ain’t amaPiano,” wrote a tweep. Another tweep decided to pull out Cassper’s performance on Sway and asked the award-winning artist to rest and not embarrass them twice. “Rest-You canโ€™t embarrass us twice,” read the comment.

Another tweep added that Cassper would be taken off the selection list because of his freestyle on Sway, “Once MeeK Mill sees that sway freestyle by Cassper his automatically off the list,” said the tweep. One tweep was not here for the negativity directed at Cassper and shared that this makes them wonder where SA is headed. “The stinking hate for Cass by some South Africans makes me wonder where we going as a country,” wrote the tweep.

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