This Is Why Maggz Was Disappointed With Cassper Nyovest

This Is Why Maggz Was Disappointed With Cassper Nyovest. Maggz recently resurfaced back on the social media streets following the release of his new music. While the South Ah Hip Hop streets are glad to have the rapper back he has missed out on a lot. The rapper has recently caught a little heat from Cassper fans after he shared that was simply aimed at celebrating the new music from SA Hip Hop but tweeps mistook the tweet as a jab to Cassper.

In his interview on Podcast and Chill With MacG, Maggz has spoken about how he felt about the way his tweet was received. Maggz had tweeted, “SA HIP HOP IS ALIVE JOU MOER !”Maggz revealed that Cassper’s actions after his tweet left him disappointed, as he was never coming from a bad place and didn’t even know about the Twitter activity that took place prior to his tweet about the state of SA Hip Hop.

MacG asked Maggz about his view on the ongoing discussion about the state of SA Hip Hop, this is when he spoke about his recent run-in with Cassper fans. “Yho, I actually had some problems with that recently. So like the other day, I dropped my joint on, 3rd of September and hip hop is like coming out in droves, this time cause hip hop hasn’t dropped in a while. So on the 3rd of September like all of a sudden everyone is dropping. I’m like okay Hip Hop is alive your more. I tweeted that Hip Hop is alive your more. I had no idea, I’m hardly on social media, I had no idea that the week prior people were talking about hip hop is dead. Now that your moer, Cassper fans came for me. Why are you talking about Cassper, hip hop is dead. I didn’t even know he said that, I’m not even on this shit. I was just disappointed in the way Cassper handled it but it’s cool,” shared Maggz.

Maggz went on to further explain, “Cause I thought me and the homie were cool but the way he handled it. Because I even tagged him on the thing and went what are you guys talking about, I’m not talking about Cassper. And I know that because I’m verified and his verified it comes straight to your phone. I know he saw it but he didn’t like respond to me, he treated me like a fan. He didn’t respond and secondly, he tweets that niggas are mad, coming out of retirement, short niggas talking tall, some shit like that. I’m like what the fuck is homie on, what is he on cause I wasn’t even talking to him. I wasn’t even there, I was minding my own shit. I’m just happy hip hop is doing its thing cause so many people dropped that day. I’m like saying hip hop is alive, then all of a sudden I’m being condemned. The homie’s throwing shots, I was very highly disappointed with that but it’s cool.”

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