Watch! DJ Speedsta And Nasty C Have Made Up

Watch! DJ Speedsta And Nasty C Have Made Up. It is no secret that over the years DJ Speedsta and Nasty C have not seen eye to eye. The two Hip Hop artists beef has played out in front of fans on the Twitter streets for all to see. The two exchanged words on social media after DJ Speedsta claimed that Nasty C stole the song, Bamm Bamm from him. The award-winning rapper slammed the allegations levelled by the Hip Hop DJ.

It seems Nasty C and DJ Speedsta have managed to bury the hatchet and waved a white flag putting an end to their beef. A video has surfaced of the two artists seemingly having a good time together whilst out at an event. The two, at some point had the social media streets hot, as Speedsta, who is known to have quite the Twitter fingers said a few heated words on Twitter directed at Nasty C. He has since deleted the tweets, where he told the Zulu Man With Some Power, to stay away from topics that involved him in his interviews.

An indication that Nasty C and DJ Speedsta are on better terms is that he retweeted the video clip in question and caption it with two hearts, a clear sign that it’s all love between the artists. Fans were pleased to see that DJ Speedsta and Nasty C have reconciled as the two do go way back. The beef between the two artists got so hectic, and so Speedsta go for the kill when Nasty did not pick up his call when Speedsta tried to resolve things between them.

DJ Speedsta in a past interview with Slikour explained how he lost his cool when it came to the situation and wanted to cut ties completely with Nasty C. “I called my friend and I said I am going for the kill,” he explained “when I sai going for the kill I mean I don’t care who fires me but you need to understand that I am saying go f*ck yourself. There’s no way to resolve this but personally, it’s not good for my life for where I am at in life. I am done with it by being done I mean I don’t want to speak to him, I don’t want to be in front of him. I will never deny his talent but as me, Lesego don’t play that next up me,” Speedsta shared.

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