“We Definitely Not On Good Terms”- Reason On The State Of His Relationship With Moozlie

We Definitely Not On Good Terms”- Reason On The State Of His Relationship With Moozlie. It is no secret that SA Hip Hop artists Moozlie and Reason are not on the best of terms. The two rappers had a fallout after Moozlie took shots at Reason on her track, Fourways Freestyle, which he was originally featured on. Moozlie on Fourways Freestyle spits a few lines about how she invited Reason her home and he recorded his verse after expressing how he liked the beat. Moozlie in a recent interview with Ms Cosmo on POPradio revealed why she came for reason and shed light as to what made Reason not want to be on the track.

It seems Reason caught Moozlie’s interview on POPradio and during his latest interview on SABC 1 show, Real Goboza shared his side of things and judging from things, it seems these two rappers are not about to smoke a peace pipe. When asked by the show’s host Sinzao Yolwa and Samora Mangesi about the current state of his relationship with Moozlie, Reason did not hold back his views. Reason shared that he and Moozlie are not on the same page. “We definitely not on good terms,” said Reason. In his response Reason revealed exactly why Moozlie and he are not on good terms and shed light on a part in their beef story that the female rapper seems to be forgetting. shared Reason.

“I basically wrote something for Nomuzi and when you write something for someone you give them the demo and I left her with the demo. The demo was for her to record something new and she recorded. She decided to keep my vocal and then write a diss track to my business partners. The part that she keeps forgetting is for a very long time I kept asking who are you talking about, who are you talking about because I heard it. I heard her do the rhymes like oh yeah this is dope, it’s a battle you know but like then and I said who are you talking about. In the beginning, I thought typically I thought it was because maybe she was talking to Nadia, she said no she’s not talking to her.

In fact, she didn’t even say at the time, it was only after a week when I bumped into her. We were at groove somewhere, then she said Yo this song is about Boity’s manager it’s not even about Boity it’s about Boity’s manager. So I was like yo man why are we dissing managers, why am I on the track that’s dissing the person that I work with. So I asked to be removed and that’s the part she seems to always forget when we have this chat. Dog take my vocal off if you’re gonna do this thing do it wholeheartedly go for it. I even sent it to the guys after I got it so the guys also knew about it. Boity knew about it, Bash knew about it, everybody in the team knew about this track and I said dog I’m going to tell you this thing once, just take it off and let’s keep it moving. And she didn’t, I didn’t like how it unfolded, “explained the rapper

“First of all I would never be on a song saying Fourways Freestyle, I don’t live in Fourways and my thing about it I actually wanted it to be a party song, it’s a ProKid sample. She choose to be aggressive and I was like dog just take my vocal off. So she got mad because I told her to take my vocal off and then she ended up writing a diss track to me,” added Reason. Sinazo then went on to raise the point that Reason has been ghostwriting for a lot of artists over the years and the rapper then revealed that he has even ghostwritten for Moozlie herself. “I’ve written stuff for her, “said Reason. Reason never went on to release a diss track in response to Moozlie and this is something he definitely won’t be doing anytime soon. “Imagine I’m serious, I’m beefing with Nomuzi. I’m in the studio now I’m writing… Yo, I’m recording…” Reason said during the interview, a clear indication that he is not about to waste time responding to Moozlie.

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