Cassper Questions AKA’s Wealth

Cassper Questions AKA’s Wealth. Don Billiato seems to have doubts about fellow rapper AKA’s wealth. The two award-winning rappers have a long-running feud that has been well documented in the media. When it comes to AKA and Cassper Nyovest everything is a battle and sometimes they are not competing. Recently Cassper shared a comment that gave a glimpse of his thoughts on who is richer between AKA and him. In the rap game, status is everything and with AKA and Cassper’s rivalry, someone has to be leading.

A fan commented on a tweet, Cassper had shared that AKA is so also rich. Cassper responded with a shady “lol”. The rapper’s response was noted by fans and many shared their take on the moment, with some seeing it as a jab to AKA. Cassper is working hard on becoming Africa’s first billionaire and has had a successful 2021. He has sealed several lucrative deals and has a sneaker that is flying off shelves, this could be the reason why Cassper can confidently question AKA’s wealth compared to his own.

Cassper is also winning when it comes to brand deals compared to AKA. Cassper is working with Samsung, Play and recently announced his own liquor brand, Billiato. AKA on the other hand has still been able to maintain his partnership with Cruz Vodka despite the challenges he has experienced this year. AKA suffered a blow when he was replaced by Cassper as the host of The Braai Show. AKA is currently involved in an ongoing legal battle with the producers of the show over his copyrights to The Braai Show. Mufasa was also very booked and busy in the UK where he was on an unforgettable amapiano tour.

AKA may have a more successful music career on Apple Music, however, Cassper has had more wins than AKA this year that have made his pockets very healthy. Cassper may weigh in on his beef with AKA here and there but according to him, he long won it. Cassper previously revealed with his fan the moment he knew he had won the long-running beef.  “Won the beef at the dome. Everything after that was just noise. Beef never ends also you know. The loser just fades away and only time puts everything into perspective. It’s been 5 years now and its very clear who is on top. 5 years from now it’ll only get clearer,” tweeted the rapper.

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