Pearl Thusi Reveals Her “Fighter” From Emtee’s Catalogue

Pearl Thusi Reveals Her “Fighter” From Emtee’s Catalogue. Emtee sparked quite the conversation when he asked his fans to let him know which project of his is their favourite. Emtee during his career has released four albums, Avery, Manado, DIY 2 and Logan. Two of his projects were released under his former label, Ambitiouz Ent and the latter as an independent artist. Fans certainly had a tough time deciding which project was their ultimate fighter and each album offers something different and Emtee has crafted each one, to be timeless music.

Avid Emtee supporter, Pearl Thusi was certainly unable to choose her fighter. Actress and businesswoman Pearl and Emtee have had quite a supportive relationship over the years. The rapper even dropped a song dedicated to her and she was even featured in the music video of the popular song. Since then Pearl is a loyal Emtee supporter which is most likely why she couldn’t pick. Most fans would assume that Pearl would choose Avery which features Pearl Thusi but she opted to rather pick all of Emtee’s albums as her fighters. “All of them. Tough to choose. Even for me,” tweeted Pearl.

While Pearl could not decide on her fighter, Kaya FM on-air personality Sizwe Dhlomo was able to make a decision. Sizwe was unable to pick one fighter and called it a tie between Emtee’s earlier projects Avery and Manado. Sizwe and Pearl were not the only ones who had trouble picking one firm favourite. On Twitter user remarked that wouldn’t know which one to choose and asked Emtee if it was necessary to pick one. “Is it necessary for me to pick “just one”? I f**ks with all these projects. But if I had to choose I wouldn’t know which one to choose between Avery or Manando (Both are on Top)”, said the fan.

Avery is certainly a strong favourite among Emtee fans as Avery even trended on the Twitter streets and caught the attention of his former label. Ambitiouz Ent gloated about how six years later the album is trending here to save SA Hip Hop. “6 years later and Avery is Trending to come back and save SA Hip Hop,” tweeted the label. The record label and Emtee have a tricky relationship but they certainly helped Emtee create some timeless music. The battle between the two parties is still ongoing and fans have hope that one day they resolve their issues.

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