Pic! Yanga Chief’s Girlfriend Gushes Over Him

Pic! Yanga Chief’s Girlfriend Gushes Over Him. Yanga Chief and his girlfriend Tanya Ntungwa are still going strong and it seems the rapper continues to make his leading lady a very happy lady. Last year, Yanga’s relationship was in the spotlight after Tanya decided to reveal herself after being kept hidden by Yanga Chief. The Tatakho hitmaker has always kept his relationship under wraps away from the spotlight but Tanya revealed her identity to the public after she got tired of her man not claiming her.

It seems that Yanga has loosened the reigns and is allowing Tanya to show him off on social media. Yanga Chief recently celebrated his birthday and Tanya was there for the celebrations. Tanya recently shared a snap of her and Yanga all boo’ed up, in the snap the happy couple is even wearing matching outfits. Yanga and Tanya in the snap look very much in love and Yanga is seen kissing his bae on her cheek. In her caption, Tanya quoted the lyrics of Kabza De Small and Ami Faku’s new song and wrote “Asibe happy munt wami”.

Tanya turned off the comments on her post, which seems to be a pattern when it comes to her Instagram page. This may be a way for her to avoid those unnecessary comments that tend to come with social media. Dating a SA Hip Hop artist certainly comes with added attention and Tanya is certainly putting boundaries in place. Tanya got the streets talking when she exposed her man for keeping her “very private”. Tanya shared several Instagram stories where she spoke her truth about what Yanga was doing.

“He’d rather break up then let people know that he’s in a relationship with someone (even insisted that I don’t want people to know it’s me, just that you not single) just want him to stop pretending I don’t exist when we planning our whole lives together,” wrote Tanya in one of her stories. “I thought he was trying to keep our relationship private and safe, “a fair chance” but everytime I ask him about why he acts single he makes it seem like I’m desperate to be on his gram,” she added. Well, Yanga and Tanya are still going strong and while Yanga may not post his girl on social media, they are no longer private about being together. Yanga Chief seems to want the focus to solely be on his music when it comes to the public. Often when relationships are in the spotlight, things tend to get tricky.

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