Rick Ross Sends A Special Message To Actress Khanya Mkangisa

Rick Ross Sends A Special Message To Actress Khanya Mkangisa. American rapper Rick Ross has sent yet another special message to a South Ah famous face. This time Rozay has sent a special message to actress Khanya Mkangisa, who recently celebrated a huge milestone on Instagram. Rick Ross is no stranger to South Africa, not only does he have a huge fanbase in the country, but he also has worked with Hip Hop acts from the country. The rapper’s s business ties in South Ah also keep him connected to the country. Rick Ross works with Luc Belaire, a French bubbly, which has brand ambassadors in South Africa.

Khanya is one of the select few who work with the brand, along with rapper Da L.E.S. Taking to Instagram, Khanya posted her video from the international Hip Hop artist. In the clip, Rozay congratulates Khanya for reaching 2 million followers and encourages her to take it higher and reach 4 million followers. “Congratulations on hitting that 2 million followers; now let’s take it to 4 million. You heard me?” says the rapper in the video. In her post, Khanya goes on to reveal that she is working on with Belaire to celebrate her latest milestone.

“Thank you @richforever & to my @officialbelaire & @belaireza family, but mostly thanks to all 2 million of you. Working on something with @officialbelaire to celebrate YOU!” wrote Khanya in her caption. Luc Bellaire ambassadors are very lucky as Rick Ross even previously took the time to congratulate Da L.E.S on his family expanding. “A message from the BOSS‼️ Let’s work appreciate the family ❤️🥂” captioned Da L.E.S his post on Instagram.

Khanya may not be a hip hop artist, but she is no stranger to the SA Hip Hop scene. She previously made headlines when she was romantically linked to rapper J Molley. The relationship was highly criticised because of the huge age gap between the two. J Molley however defended Khanya from the backlash, taking to Twitter, J Molley cleared up the misconception that Khanya and he have been dating since 2018. J Molley revealed that Khanya and he met when he was already well over 21 years and reminded fans that he is mature and they had no reason to worry about him. “This idea that Khanya and I have been dating since 2018 is false. We met at the end of last year when I was well over 21 years old. I consider myself to be a very mature, smart, liberal thinker. No need to worry about me 🙂” he tweeted.

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