AKA Reveals Battle With Depression Earlier This Year And How Bad It Got

AKA Reveals Battle With Depression Earlier This Year And How Bad It Got. Its true that depression can sap your vitality and leave you feeling drained and exhausted. The same can be said about SA hip hop artist AKA. The rapper has grappled to accept the death of his future wife who died after committing suicide. It has been a mountain to climb for the rapper has tried to deal with the tragic passing away of Anele Tembe.

Its clear that the rapper has been going through his own private hell as he was trying to make sense of the events that led to the passing of Anele. He might have been blamed for the death of his future wife, but AKA revealed that he has had his own fair share of emotional breakdown that led him to battle depression.

The SuperMega recently shared what he went through on his Instagram stories, highlighting that it was not an easy experience for him. “To ANYBODY reading this just hang in there… Trust me.” “Couldn’t handle them, they made me feel like I couldn’t FEEL anything so I got off them. Plus my whole job is to feel.”

The rapper further went on to express that he was dragonized with depression months ago and he made it clear that there are other people who are also going through the same thing he went through. “I was dragonized with clinical depression many many months ago.” “F**k it… I need to let this be known especially for Sooooooo many people out there fight everyday.” He wrote.

During an interview, AKA revealed the events that led to the passing of Anele, indicating that his girlfriend had threatened to kill herself on several occasions. “We had been having a particularly difficult week in our relationship, lots of arguments and disagreements. “We sat down and we spoke and we started disagreeing again and things got heated.”

“When things took a turn I decided that I should remove myself from the situation. “I decided that I would book myself into another room and hopefully things will simmer down. “I left the room but went back because I had taken her phone and we argued and then Anele had kind of threatened to kill herself, to jump off the balcony”, said AKA.

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