Cassper Calls Off The 100K Boxing Match With Slik Talk

Cassper Calls Off The 100K Boxing Match With Slik Talk. The ever-dragging debacle between Cassper Nyovest and the noisy YouTuber Slik Talk led to the two agreeing to settle their issue in a boxing ring. Cass offered Slik a 100K to fight him in and settle their disputes the old fashion way, the offer was only going to stand if Slik Talk manage to last three rounds. However, it seems like the preparations for the boxing match have endured a very rocky start.

A few days ago Slik Talk with his usual long-short YouTube video indicated that him and Cassper Nyovest are failing to settle an agreement for the boxing match. Slik Talk was accusing the rapper of changing the terms and they have agreed to before. As I was negotiating with Cassper Nyovest and his team I realized during the conversation that I’m dealing with b**m a**s drop outs.” These n**gas want to change everything about the agreement, I’m like what are you talking about n**ga?” he said.

Cassper Calls Off The 100K Boxing Match With Slik Talk

As it stands, it looks like the issue has taken another twist and there are chances that the fight will not be happening Cassper has shared on his Twitter TL that the boxing match between him and Slik Talk will no longer happen. The rapper indicated that Slik is now making excuses and making exorbitant demands for him to participate in the fight hence the rapper has decided to call off the fight.

“The fight with Slik talk is off. I knew he would find excuses. Now he wants a guaranteed 200 k even if he takes a dive on the first round. He wants me to pay and hire security for the him and sponsor rights. I was cool with the 100 k guaranteed and 3 rounds but I’m not dumb. Mxm.”

Nyovest went on and slammed Slik Talk for being all about the talking and not walking the talk, at the same time, throwing shades at the YouTuber that he will not make any money by making hater videos. “Niggas looooove to talk, when it comes to actually walking the talk, these niggas get technical. Lol. You’ll hear all the stories in world!!! Well, keep shooting the videos, keep talking shit, you’ll never make a cent from all that bitter hater talk anyway, this was your chance,” tweeted Cassper.

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