Is Slik Talk Backing Out On Boxing Match With Cassper?

Is Slik Talk Backing Out On Boxing Match With Cassper? Cassper Nyovest, and Slik Talk, a YouTuber, have organized a boxing match to settle their disputes. Cassper’s braai show, his new alcohol Billiato, and his most recent album, “Sweet and Short 2.0,” have all been targets of the well-known troll and internet hater. While Cassper first replied by claiming that his biggest admirers in real life are his online critics, the rapper later moved to Twitter to challenge Slik Talk to a boxing battle to put the matter to rest once and for all. 

Is Slik Talk Backing Out On Boxing Match With Cassper?

Slik Talk did not take long to respond and accept Cassper’s offer to fight him in a boxing match. “So I’ve just been challenged by Cassper Nyovest to a boxing match. “Three rounds, three minutes, a 100k. Everybody around say don’t do it. “They say never boxed a day in your life. They say you’ve never been in the ring. But if there’s one thing I’m not, I’m not a punk. So I say, I accept. Let’s f**king go!“ Slik Talk said.

Now that all have been settled and agreed for the match to take place, it seems like someone is developing cold feet to fight for their reputation. Cassper has shared on his Twitter TL highlighting that he cant get hold of the talky YouTuber. He alluded that Slik Talk is not available so that they can organize further details about the boxing match.

‘Now Slik talk isn’t responding to his mails. Let’s set up the date big boy. Let’s entertain the people. Your name bout to be in shinning lights. Or at least send us your manager number sumn. Come get this 100k. Back up your words, don’t back out like everybody else did.” Tweeted Cassper.

Cassper had stated that he was pleased that Slik accepted his offer, and that all he needed was a means to contact the YouTuber to arrange up the boxing fight. But as it stand, it seems like the rapper is now chasing shadows in a bid to get in touch with Slik Talk.

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