Watch! Flvme Drops “Facetime” Music Video Featuring DieMondez

Watch! Flvme Drops “Facetime” Music Video Featuring DieMondez. After recently dropping his EP “While You Wait” Flvme has not focused on regressing, rather the rapper has his sight on progressing in the SA hip hop game. The rapper might be a newbie in the game, but his impact has proven to justify why most hip hop lovers in Mzansi are following his music.

Flvme Reveals The Project In His Catalogue He's Lost A Liking For
Watch! Flvme Drops “Facetime” Music Video Featuring DieMondez

Flvme collaborated with Die Mondez on this catchy single, “Facetime” which was released last year. The song has gained much attention in the hip hop space and its not surprising why the rappers have decided to do visuals for the song. Sharing on his Twitter page, Flvme announced that “Facetime” music video is now out and its available on YouTube. “FACETIME VISUALS ARE UP ON YOUTUBE RN LET’S GO RUN ‘EM UP !!!” Tweeted Flvme.

This is not the first Flvme and DieMondez have worked together on a collabo. They previously collaborated on B3nchmarQ’s GQ G-MIX, which also included Maggz and YoungstaCPT. Fans are eager to hear them again, thus seeing them working together produces a nostalgic sensation and could the new music video seems to be the missing puzzle to stamp their relevancy in the hip hop culture? Its only a matter of time before we start witnessing what these two are really capable of doing.

The rapper once came out and mentioned what really influenced his rap, and taking from the concept of the video its clear that he got his own way of doing things.

A Twitter user said the lyrics of his rap songs focuses more on s*x. The fan tweeted: “The way @FlvmeSA always sing rappin’ about sex I’d swear dis guy is addicted to s*x. The rapper confirmed it and went on to say that he has other addictions that impact his rap music. He replied, “Pu$$y, Money, Weed Very Simple.”

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