Watch! Is Anatii Plotting A Comeback With An Amapiano Hit?

Watch! Is Anatii Plotting A Comeback With An Amapiano Hit? It was clear that Anatii was ready to take the hip hop space in Mzansi by storm when he grabbed the limelight. The rapper has produced some hit songs and has formed collaborations with the likes of AKA, Cassper and many others. His move to take a sabbatical from music did not sit well with other artists in the hip hop since as they tried to convince him to come back but to no avail.

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Watch! Is Anatii Plotting A Comeback With An Amapiano Hit?

With most rappers taking their chances with the newly embraced Amapiano genre, Anatii has emerged to be amongst the South African rappers who have joined the Yano movement. During his Instagram live the rapper was seen sampling and biting the Amapiano beats but what raised most questioned about the Instagram Live was that he did not reveal his face neither did he show anyone who was in the video.

Most people on the TL were speculating that could this be Anatii making a comeback to music with an Amapiano hit? All this came after people noticed the Amapiano beats that were playing on the Instagram Live. Nonetheless, it looks like the rapper has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes. Recently, Msaki shared on her Twitter page that Anatii wrote the chorus and he also featured on her new song ‘No Rainbow.’ “ANATII wrote the chorus with me and he is singing there too. so blessed to have friends like this.” She tweeted.

Anatii has done wonders in the hip hop game, his album ‘Iyeza’ is one of the project he mentioned that it played a significant role his life. “Iyeza changed my life and the energy when I made the album was organic,” he says. “I know no-one will pay attention to it now because it’s not mainstream hip-hop but when music hits your soul, you feel it.” His comeback to music will be a relief to many even though he might be taking another route by joining the Amapiano space.

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