Cassper On Whether He’d Jump To Remix Hit Song, ‘Umlando’

Cassper On Whether He’d Jump To Remix Hit Song, ‘Umlando’. Lasizwe is well known as someone who is not afraid to speak his mind. Lasizwe has always been open about how much he likes Cassper Nyovest, the television personality has managed to keep a friendly relationship with the rapper. To show that the two are in good books, Lasizwe also attended the Billiato Launch Party.

Cassper On Whether He’d Jump To Remix Hit Song, ‘Umlando’

The new Amapiano song ‘Umlando’ has been trending on social media and rappers including Riky Rick and Cassper have reacted how they feel towards the new Amapiano hit. Cassper shared a tweet revealing how much he is enjoying the new Piano song. “Yo, I can’t get thay Umlando song off my mind!!!! Yerrrr!!!!” Tweeted Cassper.

This motivated Lasizwe to come up with other ideas for Cassper as he proposed the rapper should make a remix of the song. “I think you need to hop on the remix and add that Nyovest magic…” Lasizwe responded.

Cassper replied by saying he doesn’t want any worry this year since he believes people will dislike the verse even before they hear it. “Aneva. People will hate the verse before they even hear it. Ha ke batle stress. Nna ke shap this year.” Cassper wrote.

The Tv personality did not appear thrilled with the rapper’s reaction, revealing that this is not the Cassper he is familiar with. Lasizwe claimed that he has always recognized him to be unconcerned about what others think or say, and that he encourages him to do what he believes is right.

“This is not the Nyovest I know who cares about what people say or think. I know a Nyovest who is legendary and makes moves that people are afraid to make and which thy later follow. that Nyovest is someone I am proud to call a friend and an inspiration. So fv*k what ppl gotta say,” responded Lasizwe.

Cassper insisted that he was not going to hop on the song as he thinks its not necessary, at the same time he believes that the Umlando track is still good without him making a remix. ‘Nah sadi bala. I just don’t think it’s necessary also. It’s fire without me. Ha kena plane for yone.” Tweeted Cassper.

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