Cassper Reacts To NOTA’s “Rainy Day” Savings Account Balance

Cassper Reacts To NOTA’s “Rainy Day” Savings Account Balance. Cassper and NOTA‘s beef has been setting Twitter timeline ablaze. Cassper has not been happy with NOTA to a point that he even challenged the former music executive to settle their grudge in a boxing match. Despite accusing the rapper of renting the Maclaren GT, NOTA has called Cass an ultimate cyberbully.

Cassper Reacts To NOTA’s “Rainy Day” Savings Account Balance

In a now deleted Tweet, NOTA flaunted the amount of money in his saving accounts, lamenting that no one should comment on his posts if they don’t have that kind of money in their account. The former music executive claimed that he had over R260 000 in his “rainy day” account.

This stirred a massive reaction on the timeline with Cassper taking a dig on NOTA’s account balance. The rapper responded to NOTA’s account balance with a few words “Your Mogul,” with screenshot of NOTA’s bank account balance. As if that was not enough the rapper went on and offered NOTA a 100K to add into his account only if he agrees to face him in a boxing match as a way of settling their beef. “Then you’ll have R300k in your savings. Anytime, I am game! Tweeted Cassper.

Nota Baloyi had another suggestion on how he and Cassper might work out their differences: a rap fight. Baloyi went on and underpinned MacG’s accusations that he and Andile Mpisane were “smashing” the same women.

“Nah I don’t fight… I challenge you to a rap battle. You go first. Anga is gonna box you on my behalf. In the meantime focus on Kamo’s box while Andile is making Khotso some siblings. Mamkhize loves ALL her grandkids. The only boxer in our family is Cassius Baloyi!” Responded NOTA. All we have to do now is to hold our horses and see how these will settle their rage.

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