Cassper Shares Details Of The New Root Of Fame Sneaker Designs

Cassper Shares Details Of The New Root Of Fame Sneaker Designs. The year 2021 will be a year to remember for Cassper Nyovest. From being named Artist Of The Decade at the SAHHA to launching his own alcohol brand and sneaker line, the rapper has been swimming in a pool of happiness.

Cassper Shares Details Of The New Root Of Fame Sneaker Designs

Cassper’s ideas are coming into fruition, the rapper has been celebrating both his businesses thriving. The Root of Fame smashed records in December with people buying the sneakers in droves whilst the Billiato has been making its way to the shelves. Cassper has revealed another business ideas going into the New Year as he is set to introduce another design for the Root Of Fame Sneaker.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper asked his followers the name they think he should name the upcoming sneaker along with the new colors he should introduce. “What should we name the next Root of Fame Sneaker? Color Combo?

Recently the rapper mentioned that he is proud to release the the new designs for Root of Fame sneaker. Cassper also gave props to the people who have been helping him with this new project that is on its way. “Drip just released Shoe of the year with Solemate. I can’t wait to drop the new Root Of Fame sneakers. I am very very proud of these designs. Learning and working with Sizwe and and Lekau has been a beautiful Journey. First we gave you comfort now we coming with the style! Soon!” Tweeted Cassper.

After announcing that he will be dropping a hip hop and RnB project this year, it looks like Cassper has the plans for the year ironed out already. Its just a matter of time before we witness everything falling into place at once.

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