Cassper Slams Actor Patrick Shai For Insulting His Mother

Cassper Slams Actor Patrick Shai For Insulting His Mother. What seemed to be a good start of the year for Cassper is turning out into a nightmare. The rapper is already being marred with insults in what was believed to be a good year for him. At first it was NOTA and the Podcaster MacG who went all out lamenting about Cassper’s family affairs on social media. Now the rapper is faced with another unexpected feud.

Cassper Slams Actor Patrick Shai For Insulting His Mother

Popular South African Patrick Shai appeared on a video that has gone viral on social media insulting Cassper Nyovest‘s mother. As if that was not enough, it was very strange that the veteran actor went on and challenged Cassper to a boxing match airing all sorts of insults that he was going to beat the rapper.

“This is the elder Patrick Shai. I want to meet you in the ring. I want to beat you boy. Before I die i want to make sure that I have beaten you. On my tombstone I want it to say this is the man who made Cassper Nyovest soil his pants. I will beat you. Give me that respect. You son of a b**ch,” he said.

This personal assault and challenge caught Cassper off guard. The rapper inquired as to the identity of the man and why he was criticizing his mother. Who the f*ck is that old man and why is he calling my mom a b**ch? Why does my family have to be disrespected like this yo? F**k this is too much now!!! Modimo nna ha ke sa kgona, ke kopa thuso, translates to (God I can no longer, I ask for help) he said.

The veteran actor is said to have a drinking problem, which may have prompted him to make this video in order to gain prominence and, of course, trend, as well as earn attention.

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